Neo-tradition for modern audiences

My impulse when directing stories is to co-create with artists and audiences. I like to spend time building a tangible world that has real and imagined qualities. I often take tropes of Naturalism and try to re-purpose the skeleton, so that it might walk in a new way – an intersectional way – in front of real people.

I direct shows that are fractured, dystopian and fun. 

I’m currently the Theatre Fellow at the University of Wollongong. 

                                                                      Image credit Brigid Bohackyj


Image credit Adele Masters


Exploring intermediality and experiences of the ‘real’

Under the supervision of Margaret Hamilton, I have been exploring the way digital technologies impact the experience of the ‘real’ for audiences. This forms my main body of work. I completed an Honours Thesis on this topic, awarded First Class Honours and the University Medal for Law, Humanities and the Arts. I currently work as a sessional academic at the University of Wollongong.

I’ve completed a Masters of Business (Arts and Cultural Management) and see myself as an emerging arts leader. I am interested in the way innovation theory can be used to support emerging artists and the cultural and creative industries.  


From live-art to the black box

As I start developing my own voice as an emerging artist, I’ve discovered a passion for investigating the lines between ‘real’, digital and imagined spaces, attempting to harness these as sites of compassion, safety, and protest. I use the traditional performing space as a site for reimagining live art experiences by investigating what constitutes as an encounter with the audience; the idea of exploring liveness across multiple realities.


For a comprehensive list of my experience please see my Artist CV