Crisis Actor









On MAYDAY some of Sydney’s most exciting emerging and experimental artists occupied PACT for an afternoon Panic Buy market and Deep State dance party infiltrated with interactive and immersive art.

PACT House: Crisis Actor is a subversive Subreddit response to conspiracy theorists’ appropriation of the term Crisis Actor; a role player, trained to portray a disaster victim, to manipulate public opinion.


Curated by Tait de Lorenzo and Ian Sinclair
at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists 
Photography by Tom Cram






Directed by Matthew Latham

Written by Jordyn Fulcher

Liberate those tight strings and join our sonic revolt. DRRRM Play is a post-dramatic reimagining of Ol’ Strindy’s most complex work, with a generous helping of punk. 


Performed as part of NIDA’s Festival of Emerging Artists at Kensington. 






Out of Iso

Intimate Spectacle and 107 Projects Present

‘Out of Iso’ The Angel Number curated by Malcolm Whittaker

Featuring: re:group, Gabrielle Chantiri, Jay Gardener, Lost All-Sorts Collective and the 2008 imPACT Ensemble


From 107 Railway Parade, Erskineville, around a few corners to 107 Redfern Street, Redfern, PACT presents a divinity of emerging artists with projects that have been waylaid, compromised and inspired by time in isolation. We have all been in this together, as they say, so now let’s re-emerge together with the next generation of Australian culture makers.


The Dazzling Grey Area


Written and Directed by Jay Gardener

For the Bachelor of Creative Arts graduating class


The Dazzling Grey Area dissects the gritty, not-so-nice terrain of suicide and the impacts of sexual assault. Based on a true story, this play is centered around a homecoming for a group of young adults, under tragic circumstances. A group of High School friends are reunited years later after a death in their friendship circle. The group of High School friends are reunited again soon after, following another death in their friendship circle. The play follows the group in a non-linear navigation of loss, asking the audience to help put the pieces together: Where did we go wrong? 













Motor-mouth & Suck-Face









It is the type of script that has all the FUN stuff in it: blood packs, fight choreography, teenage love stories and zombies. We decided to conduct an experiment: What would happen if we took the entire text and performed every aspect within the framework of a Zoom Meeting? We hypothesized that it would be cinematic, action-packed and transcendent. Luckily for us, it is all of these things…and also very silly, full of glitchy tech and tomato sauce. 

Delivered as part of the UOW Online Festival Performance season

Director Jay Gardener
Writer Anthony Crowley
This production was licensed through the Australian Script Centre


See You Soon

See You Soon is a live performance work, created as part of the Queer Development Program with Performance Space. It was developed in response to the isolated feeling of walking alone at night.


The work asks audiences, both live and mediated, to help me get to my destination safely. By harnessing social media surveillance mechanisms, this work attempts to create a sense of communal responsibility and radical care. It asks, how can we use digital platforms for sites of compassion?

Performed at PACT, 2019

Party Girl


Director Jay Gardener

Dramaturg Tim Maddock

Writer/Performer Lucy Heffernan 

Are you a good fairy or a bad fairy?

Party Girl is a new Australian monologue about a young woman who works as a party fairy. When her life steadily implodes around her, Party Girl asks the question: how can you be a fairy and not believe in magic?

Both hilarious and disturbing, Party Girl is an exploration of a woman with desires that pull her in opposite directions, leading to destruction and chaos.

Performed as part of MerrigongX at Merrigong Theatre Company 




Writer Marius Von Mayenburg

Director Jay Gardener

With Rachel Bardwell, Joshua Ball, Bre Hickey and Glyn Megarity


In this version of the absurdist icon, I use depth and framing devices to capture the absurdity embedded in the text. 

Performed at Backstage Hope, University of Wollongong

Image supplied by TAEM






An all-ages performance, around the world in 8 dances, showcasing top regional talent. Developed through RAW Artists.



Special Thanks to PipeWolf Media




Pains Of Youth


In this play by Ferdinand Bruckner, a group of young people contemplate moral obligations with a hint of cynicism, romanticise suicide and play games with each other.

What could go wrong?


Director Tim Maddock

Performed at PACT 

                                       Image credit Alex Tutton









Image credit Adele Masters






Static is a 6-hour dance marathon where the audience chooses the song and choreography, like a modern-day visual jukebox.



This work toured to Sydney and Melbourne Fringe. Created by Adrian Tolhurst and the cast




Checklist for an Armed Robber

Writer Vanessa Bates

Director Jay Gardener

With Lily Hensby, Angela Johnston, Jake Pafumi and Rachel Bardwell


In an intimate black box space, the audience walks in and meets the actors who are less than one metre away. During the course of the performance, the audience is served one narrative, decided by chance the moment they walk in.


Investigating how stories are told and by who, Bates’ gripping play looks at an armed robbery in Newcastle and the Chechen seige at the Moscow Theatre. 

That Day of the Year







Using Alan Seymour’s That One Day of the Year, this work investigates the Melbourne Cup, the Cronulla riots and Anzac Day and the way in which meaning has shifted over time.


Utilizing Pollard’s signature tongue in cheek style, the work deploys humour to disarm and unpack the impact of these events in modern-day Australia. 


Director Deb Pollard




                                            Graphic by Jade Chan




Writer and Director Jay Gardener


A deep dive into the self, Condition attempts to unravel the complexities of wanting to be both seen and unseen.  With a virtually unlimited start and finish, the audience/performer relationship is in jeopardy and no one is quite sure when to go home.

Performed at the University of Wollongong.








Writer Tom Holloway

Director Cath McKinnon


A world premiere of Holloway’s new work. She has been acting strangely and the whole school wants to know why. This new play investigates the rise of digital technology, teen sexting and the capitalist imperative to turn everything into a goddamn movie.  





Director Chris Ryan

Writer Alex Tutton


A fast-paced modern takeover of Frank Wedekind’s text by the same name. In this adaptation, gender is a farce and the characters are unhinged. The comedy utilises tropes of German expressionism to see the story in a new, albeit campy, light.